Andy Parsons 2013 live dvd - Slacktivist

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Politicians complain of a left-wing media bias but there are plenty of rightwing comedians – it just seems that most of them are being investigated by Operation Yewtree. Maybe it’s a deliberate smokescreen given that politicians, rather than journalists or estate agents, are now the least respected/trusted of all professions. Boris Johnson is the only current politician in the country with a popularity above –1. Comedians have seen this and are standing to be politicians. Are you going to lie back and let the clowns take over? Are you going to stick your head under the duvet as “Bozzer” de Pfeffel Johnson rides his crazy zipwire into town?

“Andy Parsons is on fire”
The Mirror

Mind you that duvet is warm and cosy, isn’t it? And there's a cup of tea available. And a muffin. And a chocolate cupcake. I’ll just turn the central heating up a little. And fluff up the pillow. These pyjamas are comfy. Maybe I’ll wear them to Tesco.

“It’s great to welcome sharp, topical comedy – and Parsons remains one of its most skilful exponents”
The Guardian

Recorded as part of his 2013 100-date sell-out National Tour, 'Slacktivist' was filmed at the Harrogate Theatre during the Harrogate Comedy Festival.


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